In early 2008, a call from my former employer led me and OTM back to Richmond for a few brief months of employment until the company, AKA Qimonda, failed in the bad economy.

Thanks to the Trade Act of 1974, I was granted additional training and received my Accounting education thru MATC.

Rollin Curtis of At the Front and I met at the Rockford show in 2009 and subsequently agreed to merge our two companies in order to provide the best ever German repro uniforms. (A big thanks to B.H. for facilitating this!)

But again, the bad economy way-laid our plans. So OTM is once again its own entity, operating in southern Wisconsin.

On The March products are proudly hand-crafted in the USA!

Kat 3!

​Kat 1

Sinjin joined the household in June 2015. He's an "ebony tabby," essentially black but with black and very dark brown
stripes like a tabby. Here he is at 8 months and at 22 months:

On The March
Quality Only History Can Match


Kasha, the toothless wonder! She's a silver tabby who's about 14 years old now and gets along just fine ​with no teeth.

Kat 2

This is Kokomo. We rescued him from the sub-zero temps we had here in WI on Thanksgiving Day in 2010. Kokomo, his litter
mate and mom were starving--they were even eating birdseed just to survive!

Here he is pictured as a healthy, happy 2 year old. Or so we thought. He lost interest in food and every day was a struggle
to coax him to eat. Naturally, he lost some weight. Turns out that he had FIP, a feline virus that usually manifests in the
intestines. After giving him some supplements to boost his immune system, he's eating again, bringing his
​weight close to 14 lbs now.

The Kat Kount

Another photo of our amazing little survivor!

Sadly, his littermate disappeared before we could capture it. On a happier note, however, his mom, Nikki, resides in the Twin Cities area with my brother and his 15 pound orange tabby, Tiger.

On The March
Quality Only History Can Match

Company History

​On The March started in September 2003 in one small room of my house in the Richmond VA area, making mostly Swedish conversions. (Remember them?)

Soon it expanded to constructing German Feldblusen und Hosen from scratch, including designing the patterns using original garments as models.

In 2005, I left my full-time job at Infineon Technologies and relocated back to my hometown in southern Wisconsin to work full-time on OTM.