On The March
Quality Only History Can Match

On The March
Quality Only History Can Match

Heer EM generic GREEN collar tabs

$15 sewn on

Wool Trousers

M37 Feldgrau, pre-war wool:  $375

M43 Keilhosen, mid-war wool: $425

M37 Trousers
(hemmed to your length):

  • 30 x 33 (maximum)
  • 32 x 33 (maximum)
  • 34 x 33 (maximum)
  • 36 x 33 (maximum)
  • 38 x 33 (maximum)
  • 40 x 33 (maximum)​

SS Silk Woven BeVo sleeve eagle

$25 sewn on

ACHTUNG! I do not have a stock of these tunics and trousers yet. They are cut and sewn in lots along with the Economy items. Currently, placing an order puts on you on the list for next available tunic.

After adding items to your cart, state size(s) in Paypal comments section. See available sizes below.


M43 Keilhosen
(NOT hemmed to your length):

  • 30 x 30
  • 32 x 31
  • 34 x 31
  • 36 x 32
  • 38 x 32​
  • 40 x 32

Award/badge thread loops, pair

  • Sewn onto or above left chest pocket and spaced to fit your badges.

$10 per pair


Available Sizes

Collar liners (Kragenbinden)
See Collar Liner page for photos and pricing.

Wool Tunics

Heer pattern M36, pre-war wool: $550

Heer pattern M40, early/mid wool: $550

Heer pattern M42, early/mid wool: $475

Heer pattern M43, early/mid wool: $475

SS pattern M39 (M36), pre-war wool: $550

SS pattern M40, early/mid-war wool: $550

SS pattern M42, early/mid-war wool: $475

SS pattern M43, early/mid-war wool: $475

  • German-milled plain weave 100% wool in feldgrau
  • Made to On The March standard patterns
  • NOTE: Insignia not included

Add Insignia

Early/mid-war EM shoulder straps

  • Heer or SS
  • wool piping
  • made in house by OTM with early/mid-war or black wool


State Heer or SS and piping color in Paypal comments.

Heer mid-war BeVo breast eagle, high quality

$20 sewn on


Special Order Items

M37 Trousers in Steingrau wool: $425

M43 Reed Green HBT Tunic: $550

Special order items incur a "single cut" fee, which is included in the price.

Heer pre-war BeVo breast eagle, high quality

$20 sewn on

Heer EM generic GREY collar tabs

$15 sewn on


  • 38R (96 cm)
  • 40R (100 cm)
  • 40L
  • 42R (106 cm)
  • 42L
  • 44R (112 cm)
  • 44L
  • 46L (116 cm)
  • 48L (122 cm)

SS EM embroidered sleeve eagle

(included in price of SS tunics)

About the Wools

The wools I use for the High-End Line are German-milled plain weave in three colors. Please contact me if you would like a sample before ordering.

Buttonhole ribbons

  • EKII
  • Ostfront

$10 sewn on

State EKII or Ostfront in Paypal comments.

High-End Tunics and Trousers for Enlisted Ranks

These tunics and trousers are made with high quality German-milled wool and high quality cottons and rayons
​for the lining. Made to the highest standards of accuracy, using hand-finishing where required.
And they are made by me in the USA!

As I am no longer making made-to-measure enlisted tunics, no customizing is allowed!

Once you receive your tunic and/or trousers, try them on. If anything needs to
be altered, you can send it back to me for alteration. Alterations are priced per labor hour.

  • High quality repro buttons
  • Original cotton feldgrau thread
  • SS M42 and M43 tunics do not have collar liner buttons

SS BeVo sleeve eagle

$15 sewn on