On The March
Quality Only History Can Match

On The March
Quality Only History Can Match

Dress Trousers with Piped Outseams

  • in melton wool: $450
  • in Trikot wool: $525​
  • Prices do not include insignia.
  • Insignia purchased from OTM will not incur a "sewing on" charge.
  • Prices include repro buttons.
  • Limited quantities of original buttons are available for purchase.


  • Custom breeches in melton wool: $650
  • Custom breeches in Trikot wool: $750​

close-up view of Feldgrau Trikot wool

Officer's cotton fabrics for Summer-weight tunics

These are medium weight canvases and medium to heavy weight cotton twills, which provide suitable
stiffness for your tunic.

Officers wools currently available (colors may appear differently on your screen)

In addition to all the enlisted melton wools, we have a few Trikot wools available for custom breeches
and dress trousers. The black is exclusively employed on SS dress trousers. The steingrau is
suitable for breeches and dress trousers.

Officers Tunics and NCO Dress Tunics

  • Summer-weight Tunic: $575



Tunics and Breeches for Officers and NCOs

​On The March is no longer offering officer's tunics, except the Panzer wrap and summer-weight tunics.
Breeches and dress trousers are still available.

  • See order forms from complete pricing of all options.
  • Summer-weight tunics include officer's 2-hook bottle green collar or NCO single-hook bottle green collar with tresse.

Collar liners (Kragenbinden) for Officers
Coming soon!