On The March
Quality Only History Can Match

On The March
Quality Only History Can Match

For All Breeches, including "Issue" Breeches

SS Tunics Order Forms

Heer Tunics Order Forms

Luftwaffe Tunics/Fliegerblusen Order Forms

To place an order:

​1) Fill out the forms:

  • The order form for the product you want. This is where you select the options you want.
  • The measurements form (includes measuring instructions).

2) Send the forms to me. You can either scan and email (onthemarch@1942@hotmail.com) them, or print the forms out and mail them to OTMContact me for a mailing address.

3) Make payment. Once the form is received, you will receive a quote via email. Full payment is required up front to secure your order. Payment forms accepted include:

  • Paypal (preferred for international orders)
  • personal checks (US only)
  • money orders (US or international)
  • Western Union (US or international)

Photos of Buttons and Buckles for Your Tunic and Trousers

Here you can see the buttons and buckles that are currently available for your order. All are limited to quantities on hand.


All Trousers Order Forms


​For Tunics and Trousers