Partial list of alterations available to tunics:

  • Take in waist
  • Shorten sleeves
  • Shorten tunic length
  • Add NCO-style long-pointed collar
  • Sew on insignia

Please contact me with any questions you have about other alterations.

What's it gonna cost?

All alterations and repairs are charged at $25/hr plus materials. Shop supplies and thread are included, but insignia and fabric that I supply will cost the standard prevailing retail price.

Repairs to original items are more time-consuming and are charged at $50/hr, inclusive of thread.

You are also responsible for the full cost of return shipping. For international customers, you are responsible for making sure that your customs paperwork indicates that you already own the garment. I will not be responsible if your country's customs office charges you duties because you did not fill out your paperwork properly.


Repairs must be addressed on a case by case basis. I will need a brief description of what needs fixing and a few detailed, clear photos. Altho I'll provide an estimate, the cost will be the actual hours worked and materials used--sometimes these things turn out to be a can of worms!

Officer's Upgraded Field Tunic

Your existing enlisted field tunic can be upgraded to match your Officer status! Available options include:

  • Officer's 2-hook collar in bottle green wool
  • Turnback cuffs (non-matching wool)
  • Shorten shirt to a fashionable length
  • Remove skirt pocket bellows
  • Add interior chest pocket
  • Take in waist for a more fitted appearance
  • Sew shoulder boards into shoulder seams
  • Add officer's insignia

The collar is a standard 2-hook officers collar with all the hand-finished details of original collars. On this particular tunic, the slightly mis-matched turnback cuffs add just one more touch of realism!

On The March
Quality Only History Can Match

On The March
Quality Only History Can Match